Solavei Customer Satisfaction JD Power Ranks Number One

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Solavei’s 2013 roll out started with a bang with several key announcements on the webinar on Tuesday evening.  I hope you were able to make it.  After attending the FAB breakfast last Saturday with all of the Fast Action Bonus winners, I once again saw the heart of the Ryan Wuerch and the Solavei leadership.

Solavei has the best interest of the Solvei membership in mind. Sure it’s always difficult to launch and to work through the growing pains but Solavei is a premier opportunity that will continue reward Member for doing what they do every day.  Here are just a few of the exciting announcements from the webinar earlier this week.

  • No more $49 enrollment fee  – Woo Hoo!
  • $9 SIM cards – A $20 savings!
  • Nano SIMS for iphone 5′s in March
  • Phased expansion into Europe in Q2 2013
  • Solavei Retail coming in Q2 2013

Also Solavei ranked number one in a customer satisfaction by JD Power!  I am checking for the reference on this and will get the link out to you asap.

Sprint and Verizon              12%

Virgin Mobile                       17%

T-Mobile                              20%

AT&T                                   21%

Boost Mobile                       79%

Solavei                                95%


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